Hong Kong – Macau

My very first travel abroad is a combination of excitement and fear. I’m excited because finally, this is the start of my journey to the world and fear because of having no idea on what to expect though I am travelling with my friends.

Let’s begin! For accommodation, it’s always been my first choice to book with AirBnB (it’s cheaper than hotels) especially when going along with friends.

Note: I cannot be precise when it comes to directions, just focus on my itinerary and let your mouth do the thing. Talk to locals and tourists, this will help you build your confidence plus a satisfaction that you’ve made it! It’s enough that you know where you’re going. #Travel&GetLost

Day 1:

Solo flight to Hong Kong International Airport (my friends will arrive at night)


My first stop is the Big Buddha since this is the nearest attraction from the airport. Don’t waste time, I made it here with my bag and luggage on hand. The quickest way to get there is thru the cable car which connects Tung Chung and Ngong Ping, the home of the Big Buddha. Alternatively, you can ride a bus.Β Say Hi to this beautiful woman on the left side, she’s from Thailand (Thailand is my next destination).Β 


Most of tourists in Hong Kong do not know or do not include Tai-O in their travel list, be among the few to witness this small town known for its Stilt Houses. Feed yourself with their manifold supply of seafood.Β (Though HK is a common tourist place on earth, try to find something different and unique)



It’s time to meet my friends in Chungking Mansion. Starting from the left, say Hi to Chard, Teo, Sarah and Kat. I’ll be spending the rest of my trip with them. Anyway, I’ve met many Bangladeshi in that area and it seems that they were very helpful in giving the right directions (Bangladesh is on my list)


At night, we went to Victoria Harbour for the Symphony of Lights but we’re a bit late to that. Anyway, you can spend your whole night there by listening to locals singing corner after corner. You may also want to visit the Avenue of Stars but since we were very lucky that time, it’s temporarily closed.

Day 2:

You can never say you set foot to Hong Kong without exploring Disneyland (well, for first timers like me).Β For adultsΒ expecting a jaw-dropping and astounding rides, this is not for you! Disneyland is made for kids.

Tickets are available online and on site.


Day 3:

Riding the Peak Tram is aΒ must! It carries tourists to the upper level of Hong Kong Island from the ground up to the Victoria Peak. It’s best to grab a seat to enjoy the view. Just wait until you’re sure that the next train can provide a seat for you.


Here we are! The highest peak of Hong Kong. This is the best place to enjoy the skyscrapers of the city. It’s not that easy to find a perfect selfie without a tourist behind.


We tour around and explore more of the city before we part ways since I have another day to spend while they already need to catch the flight back to Manila.

Day 4:

I joined a group tour to Macau, I booked this online thru City-Discovery.com. FYI, Hong Kong and Macau are Special Administrative Region (SAR)Β of China, as such, they enjoy the highest degree of autonomy with no or a little interference from the Central Government. Just like Hong Kong, Macau has a separate immigration which you need to undergo. With this kind of tour, all you need to do is to listen and follow your tour guide. If you want to have more time in each attraction, this is not for you. Joining a Group Tour means having a limited time to take selfie and a less time to enjoy the beauty of the place.


I wish you a great travel experience in Hong Kong and Macau!

Breakdown of expenses (in Philippine Peso):

  • Roundtrip Airfare with Cebu Pacific (MNL-HKG-MNL) – 1,763.39 (Promo fare)
  • Travel Tax – 1,620.00
  • Baggage Allowance 20kg. – 1,500.00
  • Accommodation with AirBnB and Agoda – 3,670.93
  • Macau Tour – 5,684.83
  • Disneyland – 3,476.96
  • Allowance – 12,630.00

TOTAL COST: Php 30,346.11

Leave your comments and suggestions. Xie Xie.

Callistus B. San Diego


10 thoughts on “Hong Kong – Macau

  1. First time traveller out of the country? not bad for a first timer..travelling alone at first (brave) and meeting new friends on the site (hmm never though you are that friendly hehe)… a traveller, adventurer… nice blog for a frist time too! This will help those planning for a budgeted trip! Good luck for more!


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