I never imagined myself to become this serious in discovering what’s behind corners. I’m not a friendly type of person, I don’t usually tag along with people and it’s sometimes hard for me to fit in. But there is this desire of me that requires a personality that is a complete opposite of who I am – It takes a social skills.

“I want to travel the world” – this simple dream of mine is what makes me believe in myself. It keeps me on moving forward.

I started this blog to document my journey. And for months of getting into different places, there is a pinch of happiness and satisfaction every time I read my own article. Note that I am not that good in English but still trying my very best to express my real emotions in everything I write.

I started this blog with a goal to help other dreamers like me on how they can make the most out of their trips. To give them at least an idea on what to do, where to stay and how much they need to bring.

I started this blog to inspire people. Ever since I am studying, I always told myself that there is no excuse for me to fail. Now that I am working, there is no excuse for me not to achieve my goals in life.

Success lies within ourselves, it takes aΒ bit of courage, a touch of dedication and a positive mind that you can make it!

Should you want to arrange a trip with me, just click onΒ the contact section of this page.Β See you on my next adventure and let’sΒ #TravelAndGetLost.

Callistus B. San Diego,

Your Trying Hard Blogger

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