Perks of having a Credit Card

As we age, entering the world of bills and expenses is unbeatable. The question is how can we manage to hack and earn something from this? It’s understandable that the first thing that will cross your mind is whether you can handle the temptation and the possibility of losing one’s self control over things not worth spending for. Well, you know yourself better so try to think first if there is a need for you to have one.

Do not just apply online! Browse the net and search for offers from the banks. Usually, they offer generous rewards if you’re a first timer so don’t lose that chance. In my case, let me share some of my rewards I got from applying for the first time.

  • Citibank – 22,000 points from Cebu Pacific convertible into discounted airfares. I was able to book Manila – Hong Kong – Manila for Php 1,763.39 and Manila – Bangkok – Manila for Php 1,890.59.
  • HSBC – FREE American Tourister Luggage Bag
  • Standard Chartered Bank – FREE 32″ Samsung SMART TV
  • Unionbank – Php 3,361.87 airfare Manila – Incheon – Manila with 20 kg. baggage allowance and inclusive of Philippine Travel Tax of Php 1,620.00
  • Cash rebates
  • Free entrance to events
  • and Others

After redeeming these welcome rewards, it’s now time to use your card. You can enroll your bills into auto debit facility as this will earn you points. You can also tell your friends to ride in with your card but please be cautious with this practice since there is a big possibility of default. Each bank has different types of credit card depending on their clients need. You may choose the best that suits your lifestyle.

Other advantage of having a credit card if used properly and within its original purpose is to gain a good credit score. This is a big help in the future when applying for loans. Your credit history is one good proof that you can handle to pay on time.

Always remember that it’s our sole responsibility and duty to pay what we owe. So don’t settle for minimum payments and pay the whole amount due.

In a world where everything are almost done online, credit card is an option worth having for.

Callistus B. San Diego


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