The Poor Traveller

It is now becoming a trend for this generation to travel mainly because of the influence of social media. Unlike before when air tickets are so much expensive, today’s local airlines offer various promos to accommodate this high demand. It’s interesting to note that in a country like the Philippines where people are just a holder of a less powerful passport, we could now possibly fly almost anywhere in the world. And in a country where poverty, underpaid employees and unemployment are rampant, we could still afford to pay for our travel expenses. Trully, there is a Filipino way to do it!

We only live once! Well, I couldn’t agree more! I paid for a Php30,000.00 international trip once in a while rather than putting such in an investment fund. I bought a 200$NT (345php) Starbucks worth of coffee and food items in Taipei instead of buying a 200php Starbucks coffee here in Manila. I spent days in Korea instead of visiting my sister on her birthday. Doing something is Trading for something but for as long as everything is in balance, you should not be guilty of doing things that will make you happy.

Travel today or Financial security? First traveller will buy a business class plane ticket and book for a fancy hotel accommodation. Second traveller will buy an economy plane ticket, book for hostel accommodation and buy a Travel Insurance.

Pampering and giving the best to yourself will never be a wrong idea if only we could understand and apply the basics of proper handling of money. I just found a partner where I can easily pay bills, buy load, track expenses, manage savings and subscribe to an investment fund. G-Cash is a BSP-regulated mobile money where you can easily do secured cashless transactions. As a poor traveller, I am continuously finding ways to at least minimize and totally cut my petty transactions. By using G-Cash, I am receiving vouchers, cashbacks and returns for my usual daily transactions and this is something that everyone must appreciate. 

Scan QR or Click the link below and get Php50.00 upon successful registration!



Link >>>

Your Poor Traveller,

Callistus B. San Diego

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